DiningCity Restaurant Week, October 2020

Creation Date: 09/10/2020 / Machine translation!

Bookings for the Restaurant Week can only be made through Reservations for the DiningCity Restaurant Week take place in real time and are automatically approved. This means no long phone calls or waiting for confirmation. You can see if a restaurant has seats available at a glance and the written confirmation follows by E-Mail immediately after the reservation. Of course it is also possible to a change an existing reservation. No need to first delete and make a new reservation.

A variety of restaurants are published in the how menus bar.

Dear our Wine-, and Restaurant Friends! / Sons of the Wind Inn & Cellárium

The Restaurant (October 9 - 18, 2020) during the Week of working time of a 1+3-course menus for FIX 5.900 HUF!

Our guests dishes in the following link here can put together their favorite three-course lunch or dinner on-site assembly, and they want to taste.