National DiningCity Restaurant Week, October 2015

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The Restaurant (12 October 2015 - 18) during the Week of working time of a 3-course menus for FIX 4.900 HUF!

Guests of the dishes listed below may be provided at the site, according to mood and taste their favorite 3-course lunch or dinner compilation:

Optional previews / appetizers / soups:
  • Pets, stuffed goose roasted, noble Riesling, ginger, fügelekvárral, horseradish oil, toasted, buttery doughy brioche
  • duck and veal liver pate made with dried pears, cranberries, red forest, home-baked bread oven scone
  • Mediterranean taste, Burattino, salami and prosciutto, garden greens, spicy full ripening olives, homemade bread oven scone
  • Tipsy dispatched porcini porcini soup with egg on toast with tartare sauce, served with a special spicy, marinated cherry peppers
  • Oven-baked sweet potatoes, pumpkin soup, dumplings with sheep cheese croutons, and pumpkin seed oil (V)
  • Burattino tomato salad bowl, basil and olive spray, grilled apple
Choice of main dishes:
  • Othello must veal ragout sauce cooked venison with roasted potatoes bejglivel, forest cranberries served with
  • Rolled veal breast with cast iron pan grilled steak sauce, pumpkin pearl barley risotto garnished with pumpkin and sweet sour
  • Homemade chicken breast stuffed with ham and burattával, 'U-MAMI' twisted tésztánkkal craft (home-made pasta with sun dried and fresh tomatoes, olives, basil and garlic boil, showed off softens it and decorate it with Parmesan shavings)
  • Paccheri (halved wallop) classic pasta, tomato sauce with basil, parmesan, sweet cherry tomatoes
  • Pan, 'veguszta' potato beigli whether roasted, garnished with crispy vegetables, tomato, basil and mozzarella covered with grated Parmesan cheese hintve and pan, oven-roasted (V)
Choice of desserts:
  • Chestnut jam 'Rigo Hansel' Gypsy cherry wine sabayon
  • Triple Chocolate 'aftereight' ice cream, strawberry red wine
  • Panna Cotta noble Riesling made your wine sabayon

Regards, as soon as possible in the hope of meeting: Kormos Andrea & Prisztóka Tibor & Staff

The Event:National DiningCity Restaurant Week

When:2015th October 12 to 18.