Goose - Torture & New-Wine Festival 2015

Creation Date: 09/10/2015 / Machine translation!

We are who we wish to say that as of now we do everything well in advance for the sake of future years of plenty, assemble Year of the Lord 2015, the month of November 06.- 07., 13.- 14., 20.-21. the day on Friday or Saturday night, 18.00.h from, Martin's day goose, the Sons of the Wind Inn in.

"You do not eat roast goose Martin's day,
to this great new wine do not drink,
certainly will be great in the New Year's wrong, because there will be
table meals, and there will be
barrels of wine
and its stomach becomes dry, thirsty throat to stay, eat
back to St. Martin's day goose ... birds ... "

How are we doing as not to get lost and thirsty Giga not remain in this turbulent times, pantry and basement to be filled in the next year too, we ask?! Mulheim unto this superstition