Restaurant Week: Restaurant Audience Award - Fall 2015

Creation Date: 10/29/2015 / Machine translation!

National list - Top 3 restaurant in the 4900 HUF Premium category

  3. Bistorant terminus (Miskolc)
  2. ICON Restaurant (Debrecen)
  1.Sons of the Wind Inn and Cellárium (Nyúl)

Dear guests!

We are happy to hear the good news story that doubled this year, ie in March after October, the guests of our restaurant placed in the first place! He is a great joy, as everyone knows who has lived through. If the first date is very well done, the next most likely disappoint ... because it will be too high "expectations"

It is a great joy, because this event is due to steadily increasing the number of regular customers. And the most important of the returning regulars because of his recommendation of the best advertising. We should be able to access it to be able to say friends and acquaintances, which is our slogan at the same time. "You have to see and try"

In recent years, two second and now we have three first places and strengthens us in our faith, that it is worth catering to work despite the difficult conditions. Consolidate our faith that there is a recognition that is important in themselves " gastro "expert reviews of Auctioneers. Yes there is. Recognition of guests. Those who vote for every day. Their presence. Those who feel at home in our restaurant feeling as friend, almost as family members return to their families, friends, business partners, their guests.

Consolidate our faith that the use of natural materials, traditional cooking, nature HONEST colors, smells and flavors, represent real value and attract valuable clientele. Self-made wines also contributed to this success, which, like our meals are made the traditional way. The levels are flavors of our dishes without exception, they are incorporated in preparing our wines used in the recipe as well. We are happy to expectations, all of which strive to meet repeated occasions. We are looking forward to new challenges as well, because if they can not meet, this is another first place would not have reached. What do we need first of all of you, our guests, and of course a dedicated, good team of professionals who identify with our aims to form, every day.

Congratulations to all participating restaurants, staff, because they took on the challenge of what many people do not dare to take, has that guests create public opinion about their work. They also wish you good luck, because only we can take forward our country's food culture together.

Thank you for your guests, we thank our colleagues!

The DiningCity winning team - the last 3 x 1 year, fifth, 2 x second, first, twice a year, in the first place 3 times!