Restaurant Week: Restaurant Audience Award - Spring 2017

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It said the self-praise is so important that we should not trust anything else. While the party does not understand, in this case, my colleagues praise.

National list - Top 3 restaurant in the 4900 HUF Premium category

  3. Sopronbánfalvi Kolostor (Sopron)
  2. ICON Restaurant (Debrecen)
  1.Sons of the Wind Inn and Cellárium (Nyúl)

Dear Guests, Dear DiningCity & Team!

We are happy to hear the good news that, based on the votes of -immár Dear guests each követően-, 6-th time our restaurant is also ranked first in the country, Premium category menu! Evident to us that the most important guests of the opinion, because of his recommendations on the best advertisement for us. It seems we have reached our guests say their friends and acquaintances, which is also our slogan: "This must see and try." The real value recognition of our guests who vote every day. Presence.

Among the restaurants participating country once again the highest number of staff and guests the best average evaluation achieved, away from big city, in "Nyúl Snowy in" :-), an enchanting vineyards in the cellar.

For us this is a real success. The guests vote once again demonstrated that the use of natural raw materials, traditional cooking, nature HONEST colors, smells and tastes of real intrinsic value and drive it competently, also valued clientele. Self-made craft our wines exams again, well, have contributed to this success.
As regular guests have been accustomed, without exception, our food tastes levels were, in preparing our wines used in the recipe have been integrated. We are happy to expectations, which are constantly evolving, rejuvenated, new ideas built into every time we try to meet our food.

Thank guests a reservation, thank you to the organizing team performing work DiningCity, thank you to my colleagues for outstanding performance! I also want to thank all the participating restaurant owners and employees of all to participate in this contest. A lot of work and preparation pays off, so we all believe in each other and can be used alone inspirálva- contribute to the development of the domestic gastronomic culture. See you again in October.

Congratulations to the winners! :)

Sons of the Wind Inn (Nyúl) - Prisztóka Tibor & Kormos Andrea / owners / and Staff

Nearest boraimmal and meeting facility with kitchen:
Prisztóka Tibor Wine Dinner 04.07: Stelázsi Restaurant |
A dear old friend of ours, Prisztóka Tibor come back to us after a long time to show the Pannonhalma Wine Region is likely most exciting wines. Tibor, moreover, been committed to the hospitality and tiller. He and his family carried Sons of the Wind Inn and Celláriumot in the Rabbits, whose cuisine has several times the first prize in the contest DiningCity Restaurant Week West Hungary. All in all; lekóstoltuk great wines, fine-tuned the cuisine offered next to them, a pair of evening boggling look forward to!
Sons of the Wind Inn & Cellárium - Wine Dinner Rabbits
May 12, Kovács Antival Wine Dinner, Rabbit York.


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"Aki tiBOR Apátok borát 100 évig issza, a biza sokáig él!"