The case of quail Rabbits

Creation Date: 05/09/2016 / Machine translation!

When there is nowadays a gastronomic revolution topic, (a condition that often occurs) it may be a fashionable thesis. Always played both professional and demanding consumer circles that Budapest has been the way of progress.

Indeed, to continue to move forward in California - even ahead - but in rural areas still need a magnifying glass to look for the discerning catering facilities. The one-time guests two possibilities: believe it and belenyugvóan satisfied with the meager offering, or will his hand with a magnifying glass and a small neck into account our country make a pilgrimage to the places that offer good heart for the reliable sources. I definitely belong to the latter camp, so I got to the Sons of the Wind Inn.

This year's Restaurant Week offerings browsing decided Tibor Prisztóka addition tanyacsárdájának visit and when we were there, we stop by for a few hours csodanedűket hiding the basement as well.

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Time set off from Budapest to avoid'll miss lunch, such as rabbits arriving on the hill on the way up it was time for the landscape to admire: the left side meandered in the Dragon Hole water wash, as that way is called the gorge, right and stood over loess wall - the Loess otherwise the wine region is one of the determining soil type.

The cellars in itself offers a wonderful view of the road leading to the inn very pleasant experience. In addition, it does not hurt to walk, knowing that will be waiting for us at the table ...

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